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Aerial Photography MOTIV Photography

When it comes to aerial images, especially around dense urban areas like city centers we can usually choose between two approaches.

First option is the fully 3D environment created for desired cameras. We have full control on the lighting conditions, environment and details. The only and main issue of the full 3D aerial images is time consuming modeling part. Especially during quick, competition projects we might have huge time constraints. That said, sometimes there is no chance to polish environment details to super photorealistic level. 

This is the main reason why we developed aerial photography coordination for our clients. We can take care of the backplate images without client actions and attention. From permits to brief for the drone / helicopter pilots. Service is available globally. In extreme cases we can obtain package with the photos within 48 hours from order. Of course there are some factors from which we are dependent- local law and weather / light. However, since we are operating on the RAW images, lot of things might be adjusted during post production process. 

We always try to recommend the best approach at the beginning of the project so if you would like to get more information please do not hesitate to contact us directly. 

In New York City area we cooperate with Peter from Big City Aerials- you can find below "behind the scenes" photographs.