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Architectural Visualization Day - Gothenburg, Sweden organized by Visual Arena

Looking for inspiration at Architectural Visualization Day

On 4 October it was finally time for Architectural Visualization Day, when a packed Visual Arena was filled with 3D artists, software developers, students and photographers who were looking to be inspired, network and learn more about architectural visualization.

Clear desire to inspire among speakers Some of this year's main speakers were internationally renowned representatives, such as Pawel Podwojewski from MOTIV, Chloé Le Reste, András Káldos from Brick Visual.

First out for the day was Pawel Podwojewski, based in the USA, who showed how to make sketches quickly and effectively in order to impress customers, among other things. He guided the audience through his various works and showed examples of how he found the perfect atmosphere and how to get the lights from cars in the right nuance on a shimmering snowy Seattle road.

Nigel Hunt, a filmmaker and GCI director in London, also shared his life experience and talked openly about mistakes and difficult times in the industry and then offered inspiration for how to get on your feet again. - Welcome your mistakes and then find a company or build your own studio where you are allowed to make such mistakes, says Nigel.

Chloë Le Reste, based in Paris, is a photographer who runs her own company and shared her experience with the creative process, choice of subjects and how she finds inspiration. The audience was shown buildings and locations with beautiful patterns and perspectives.

András Káldos made the final appearance for the day and gave an inspiring presentation in which the audience determined the subject matter. Most in attendance wanted to hear about lessons, working processes and look at interesting show reels.

That was our first time in Sweden but definitely, we will get back to Gothenburg very soon. Stay tuned!