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Anyvision App New episode

Let us demonstrate our newest product created with our friends from VR Global. 

Web browser application that allows to present any type of place or space in form of an interactive virtual walkthrough (VR Tour). The application is individually branded for clients.

Thanks to the Web Viewer, end clients can easily explore the property online by themselves or be remotely accompanied by the sales agent that will guide them around. All that can be experienced from the standard web browser without having to download any apps or plugins.

Why is it so amazing? 

  1. Individually personalized & branded for client
  2. Super easy and intuitive to use 
  3. One app - many use cases
  4. Super easy to share
  5. Cost efficient
  6. Cloud based- no installation needed / instant updates / fast loading 
  7. Actively developed software- constant updates
  8. Commercial grade- ready to be implemented